Tally on Cloud
  • Tally data stores on the enterprise-class data centre
  • Remote Access through Remote App and Browser - Linux, Windows or Mac
  • Access Tally Hosting on Cloud via PC / Mobiles on Windows / Linux OS / MAC
  • Automatic Tally Backup with the advantage of DRaaS service
  • Security of Tally accounting data from potential attacks
  • Tally on cloud computing available for all versions
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Charges will be Rs. 800 Per Month / User

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About Us

U J Software & Solutions is a comprehensive ERP Solutions Company in Mumbai with expertise of more than two decades in Tally Accounting Software and ERP Solutions for Manufacturing, Retail, Trading Industries & Supply Chain Management Companies. The Company has established as a prominent player in the segment of providing Cost Effective ERP Solutions. Whether you are running a Manufacturing Unit, Logistic Company & Project Management Business we have all Accounting and Business Management Solutions. U J Software & Solutions is run by young Professionals who have a wealth of experience in ERP domain and the Team is backed by ERP Specialists & Software Developers with Our Various Solutions We have successfully Served More Than 500+ Clients in Last 5 Years.


We aim to carve a position in the forefront, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our clients. Our Main Focus is to serve the purpose of our clients with perfection and help them to take informed decisions related to entire business management. Providing end-to-end Tally, ERP, Enterprise business solutions to Manufacturing, Retail, E-Commerce industries, Project Management Companies, Supply Chain Industries etc.


Tally.ERP 9

It is accounting & One stop solutions for compliance, A Business software for SMEs covering distribution, Manufacturing & Service Industries.

Tally ERP 9 Server

For Medium & large organizations looking for efficient functioning, Tally Server 9 is a must have. Its power enables concurrent, protected access to data across single platform – multiple operations.

Tally Software Services

Renew Tally Software Services (TSS) subscription now and get free Release Upgrades, Connectivity Capabilities, Banking & other features within Tally.ERP 9.

ERP Application

ERP Software is a suite of applications that manages core business processes, such as sales, purchasing, accounting, human resource, customer support, CRM and inventory. It's an integrated system as opposed to individual software designed specifically for business process.

Inventory Application

Inventory software refers to business applications that are designed to track and manage product sales, material purchases, delivery of goods and other common production processes. Inventory software helps businesses bring in the materials they need to produce a finished product for customers.

CRM Software

In CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CRM Software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of the following business processes: customer data. customer interaction. access business information. Automate Sales.

Tally Renewal

You have to reestablish Tally Software Service on its expiry, to keep on benefiting all item redesigns and includes. subtleties are shown in the License and Services square of the Information Panel.

Payroll & HRMS Software

By utilizing a HRMS(Human Resource Management System) programming, you can altogether lessen the manual remaining burden required to complete these assignments.

Tally On Mobile app (Biz analyst)

Biz Analyst Tally mobile app brings real time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 data anytime / anywhere. It is securely synced with your Tally ERP9 installation.

Tally on Cloud

Tally on cloud by enjoy registering is a standout among st the best count on cloud stages Access it from anyplace. You simply need a count permit to for the equivalent.

Retail Software

Tally Retail programming is synonymous with business warning in retail the executives, retail programming arrangements and computerization forms.

Integration Tool From Excel to Tally & any other Software

We have made a Tool Application Programmable Interface which permits to moves information from Tally Accounting Software to other information.

Our Services

U J Software & Solutions operates from Its office situated in Mulund and sales office at Borivali.We have experience team in Functional, Solution and Marketing.

Tally Support-Onsite & Remote

Tally Installation & implementation, Data synchronization, Data Migration or Splitting, Training or incidental support..You can count on us. Our engineer can attend queries onsite or remotely.

Tally AMC

A business continuity program for your organisation from a team who knows Tally Best. You do your business peacefully while we take care of your software. Select a plan suitable to you.

Tally.ERP 9 Training and Implementation

Corporate training programs for your staff to ensure use of Tally.ERP 9 to the fullest. A basket of training modules to choose from depending on your need & profile of the team.

Accounting and Return Filing Services

we do accounting for companies & co oparative society. we also deploy our train resource in company for daily accounting. beside that we do GST Registration, GST Filing & GST Recosulations.

Customization Service

According to client requirement we do the tally customization.
Use your Tally at optimal level to support your day by day increasing need to get specific requirement, which can be fulfilled by customization.
Following requirements can be achieved by customization.

Corporate Training

We also Conduct Corporate Training at Corporate Office.


Retail Solutions

Retail POS is a simple, yet comprehensive billing point of sale software that automates your business. This intuitive Retail POS app makes purchasing, inventory, payments, expenses and customer management easy, alongside billing and invoicing.

Transportation Module

Truck/vehicle management.
Goods Delivery management.
Garage/Stores management.
MIS reports.
Accounting management.
Payroll Management.
Audit and security.

SMS Module

SMS on Billing Send SMS on billing invoice for invoice info & customer acknowledge.
SMS on ReceiptSend SMS on receipt for the receipt, bank details & cash details.
SMS on outstandingSend SMS on outstanding for due date, due payment & over due days details.
Greeting SMS Send SMS to greet on festivals, anniversary & birthdays.

Educational Institutional Module

Student Management
Student profile management with photograph.
Classes/divisions creations.
Gender wise roll no. assignment Auto/Manually.
Class and division wise subject allocation.
Shifting of students according to class/division.
Printing of Identity Card with photograph.
Fees Management
Defining student fees template.
Fees booking and register printing.
Fee collection and receipt printing.

Housing Society

Multi Society work possible.
Multiple Heads like Maintenance Charges, Water Charges, Parking Charges.... can be created.
Multiple Members can be created.
Instant Auto Billing of all members with few button strokes.
Interest Calculation on Day Basis Or Full Month.
Bill print on standard society bill format.
Four different bill formats available.
Auto Mail bills to all members.
Auto creation of members from Excel possible.
Reports like Maintenence Register, Members Register, Member Outstanding, Receipt Register, Share Register, Nominee Register etc.
GST feature s added in this module.

Broker Module

Broker wise sales report.
Broker wise brokerage report.
Broker wise Outstanding report.
Broker Wise Party Wise Commission Report for sales & purchase Vouchers.
Broker Wise Selected Party Wise Voucher Wise Commission Report.
Broker Wise monthly Commission Report for sales & purchase side.
Broker Wise Paid & Unpaid Commission Report for sales and purchase side.

Bar-Code System In Tally.ERP 9

We can provide you the option to generate a Barcode Printing for the items through Tally.ERP9. You will be able to print the barcode stickers on a barcode sticker sheet or plain paper as per their requirement. You are just a single click away to generate a barcode for products. These barcodes can also scan through a barcode scanner. This customization is very useful at retails outlets where they have to just scan the barcode of the product on invoice and need not to enter the name of the product. Also, as like name wise, barcode could generate as per lot wise for the products.

Builder Module In Tally ERP 9

Builders and Property Developer Solutions on Tally.ERP 9 are built for managing Building and Property Development Projects. The solution facilitates Sale and Post-Sale activities for Housing and Commercial Properties. Some of the important features of the Solution are Enquiry Management, Property and Amenities Configuration, Booking of Flats, Sales, Allotment, Post-dated Cheque Handling, Collection of Instalments, Comprehensive Accounts Management and MIS Reports for Project Management Team.

Custom House Agent Module

An complete solutions for Custom House Agents from Consignment Note Booking ,Invoicing ,Job wise profitability report , Summary Report.Profitability Reports available in one roof of Tally.ERP9.

Business Intelligence Tool

BI is a reporting and MIS tool for Tally.ERP9 with many standard reports covering all aspects of business such as sales, purchase, debtors, creditors, inventory, cost center and financials.
EasyReports BI is a reporting and MIS tool for Tally.ERP9 with many standard reports covering all aspects of business such as sales, purchase, debtors, creditors, inventory, cost centre and financials. We also offer extensive customization features so that you can reports as per your requirements and specific fields such as region, area, salesperson, etc.


# Add-Ons Module Functionality
1 Voucher Alteration History By enabling this module you can have a track with respect to creation as well as modification of vouchers made by the users. This module will also track the Username, Date & time of creation & alteration and modified contents will also be tracked Amount with the help of this module.A user will be forced to enter the reason during alteration of voucher and the same will also be displayed in the report also.
2 Owner's Dashboard Reflects company positions with regards to Total Sales , Total Purchase, Outstanding , Top Customers and Top Vendors.
3 Contact Book Contact Book-User can view complete details of the Ledger like Name, Address, Pin Code, Pan No, Tin No., State, Group & many more important data fields.
4 Detailed Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Help User to view Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report in Detailed manner. It expands the Reports to two levels within default report. While taking the printing, it prints only those ledgers having closing balance.
5 Negative Stock Control Stock Items having zero stock or negative stock will be restricted.
6 Autoback Module System will automatically take back up of data.
7 Document Management Corresponding Document related to vouchers can be retrieved any time by the Users. Time can be avoided in searching the Corresponding documents in files.
8 Print Previous Balance in Sales Invoice Print Previous Balance in Sales Invoice. It prints Previous Balance, Current Bill Amount and Net Balance in Sales Invoice.
9 Print Copy Name in Single Copy Invoice Print It will reflect User Name.
10 Negative cash control Cash having Negative Balance is restricted.
11 Negative stock control Stock Items having zero stock or negative stock will be restricted.
12 Voucher type wise security control An enhanced security module for companies where the user can be restricted for creation / alteration /cancelation/ deletion/ printing of a specific voucher type based on his/her respective user name. The administrator can also restrict the usage of default Tally facilities like upload, email, export etc. for an user.
13 Envelop printing Envelope and Label Printing from Tally.
14 Voucher approval Allows administrators/owners to keep a track of vouchers being posted in books of accounts through an approval.
15 Auto emailing after voucher entry Auto emailing after voucher entry-This Add-on facilitates user to automatically Email Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Receipt Voucher and Payment Voucher to Party immediately after saving these transactions.
16 Auto E-Mail Sales Voucher Sales Voucher once booked can be Mailed directly from Tally on the Instance of Sales Invoice saved or pushed by the User.
17 Bank Reconciliation Import Cheques No and Instrument No to defined in Excel Sheet which will be imported in Bank Reconciliation to reduce the time effort of the users.
18 Import of Price List It is time consuming to update the Price List of Item as a when change. In this Module the Price List can be Imported from Excel to Tally.
19 Price List Reporting This Reports shows the Price List updated periodically for Audit and Internal Control.
20 Invoice and Reports Customization Customization of Invoice as per the Pattern you need and any specific reporting not available from Tally, We can customized the same for you.
21 Barcode Label Printing In Tally ERP.9 User can generate barcode label printing in tally for your products on pre-printed stickers & labels from Tally.ERP9.
22 Party Previous Balance User can generate barcode label printing in tally for your products on pre-printed stickers & labels from Tally.ERP9.
23 Double Discount 'Double discount' - a discount after a discount? This add-on supports the entry of discount percentage, and amount. The invoice copy shows both discount columns.
Double discount solution is common requirement for each and every trader and for manufacturing concern.
Option to enter two discounts in % format in invoice entry.
Save time with auto calculation of discount & net amount for a stock item.
24 Bill Wise Outstanding Follow Up Maintain customer follow-up details like follow up by, date, remark , next follow up date and time.
Show last follow-up status in group summary report & outstanding report.
Maintain log report of a particular ledger outstanding follow-up.
When Tally.ERP 9 starts,a window pop-up will show outstanding follow-ups on current date.
25 Triple Discount This add-on supports the entry of 2 discount percentage, and discount amount.The invoice copy shows all discount columns.
Triple discount solution is common requirement for each and every trader and for manufacturing concern.
Option to enter 3 discounts in % & amount format in sale invoice entry.
Save time with auto calculation of discount & net amount for a stock item.
26 My Bill wise Simple way of managing Outstanding.
Time saving during voucher entry.
Outstanding of Party bill wise on FIFO.
27 Account Settlement Simplified Ledger Statement.
Option to enter Account Settled Date.
Display ledger after the date of settlement.
Option to print Settlement dated in ledger statement.
28 Unit Discount Item wise Scheme management.
Define discount amount per pcs.
Auto calculation of Scheme amount.
29 Gridlines Add visible grid lines on screen and in printed reports.
Reports become more readable with this add-on.
View Stock & item summary with Gridlines.
Accounts & inventory monthly reports with Gridlines.
Easy to match Amount & quantity figures with item & party name.
30 Multi Discount This Add on Work on both Sales and Purchase Invoice Entry.
You can get Discount on Quantity basis (e.g. Rs.5/ Per bag), Discount on Value/Amount basis (e.g. Rs.20/ deducted from value), Discount on Percentage basis (e.g. 2% on Value as cash Discount).
Separate Net Discount on Amount (e.g. Rs.40 Deducted from Value). Both Simple and comprehensive print format support this add-on.
31 Standard Price List Once Screen to see the standard sale price and cost of stock items for a group.
option to see only sales or only cost price.
Helpful in sharing price of item to customers.
Detailed balance sheet & profit & Loss account.
Bar Code Solution in Garment Business.
Bar Code Solution for Computer Shops.
32 Excel to Tally Import the Excel Data into Tally.ERP9,
Auto Create StockGroups, Units, Party Ledger with State And GST, Stock Items with GST Details. Auto Selection of GST Sales and Tax Ledgers Based on Data in Excel.


U J Software & Solutions believes in Educating and assisting businesses as a trusted Software advisor and conducts free and Paid events thru the year. We look forward to your participation and feedback, We provide group training & corporate training Session.



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